How-To Restore Headlights

Introduction to Restoring Headlights:

Even if the headlights of modern cars have long life, they get scratched with passage of time and even if there is no visible swirl or scratch on the glass, you feel that the amount of light is not as much it used to be. In the city, you might not suspect that there is something wrong with the headlights but when you go outside of the city and drive on Headlightslong dark country road, you feel that you can’t see anything clearly than a few yards ahead of you. This happens because with use, headlights become less visible and filled with fog that doesn’t allow the full light out of the lamp. A simple solution is to change the lights but when you don’t want to spend that much on just less functional headlights, there is something else that you can also do. You can also clean and polish the headlights and even if you don’t believe, the headlights will look almost as polished as new. Unlike washing and cleaning the car, it’s a little complicated to clean and wash the headlights but not as difficult as you think.

Important things to consider before Restoring Headlights:

Before doing anything, first evaluate the damage or fault with the headlights and understand how to treat it. If it’s inside, the method will be different where if it’s on the outside, the treatment is again different. If it’s on outside, you can try to use sand paper and buffing polish on it to remove most of the deep swirls and scratches but if it’s on the inside, you will have to remove the lens and lamp to evaporate the moisture or fog. If you are sure that the damage to the headlights is caused by oxidation of the lens, try using premium product like headlight deoxidizer as it will not only reduce your effort but keep the task simple and easy. If it’s necessary to remove the lens of the headlight, make sure to take care of the bulb in it and don’t scratch the lens from the inside.

Tips for Restoring Car Headlights:

  • First decide if you want to remove the headlight from the body of the car or you want to polish it and restore it while it stays in place. If you don’t want to remove it, use tape to cover the corners and areas around the headlight because you don’t want to see scratches on the paint.
  • Start the sanding with 800 grit sandpaper and move the sandpaper in one direction. Once you see that the entire glass is covered with sandpaper swirls, move to 1000 grit sandpaper and repeat the sanding.
  • As soon you see that the headlights are clearing up, move on to 2000 grit sandpaper and agCar in darknessain, repeat the full process. Make sure to move your hand in only one direction i.e. from top to bottom or from bottom to top.
  • You will see that most of the grit is removed with using 2000 grit sandpaper and when you see the headlights clearing up, stop the sanding and prepare for the polishing.
  • Use premium quality headlight polish and apply small amount on the rotary machine.
  • Spin the machine with slow motion in the beginning and when the light is covered with wax, run the machine on full speed.
  • Once the polishing is finished, it’s time to remove the wax and just buff the headlights with microfiber cloth.

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