How-To Use Dual-Action (DA) Car Polisher

Introduction to Dual Action Car Polisher:

Dual Action Polishers or Orbital Polishers are very famous these days and they are used by most of the service station owners, paint workshops and car enthusiasts. People usually consider only two types of polishing and waxing; hand polish and machine polish. If you apply the polish or wax with your hands, its hand polish and when you use a machine for this purpose, it’s machine polish. But in reality, there are different types of machine polishing as well. There is simple machine, rotary machine and then there is Dual Action machine. The difference between common and Dual Action machine is that its disc revolves around a central hub where little spindles on the disc also revolve during working. Like earth that revolves around sun and also rotates at the same time, Dual Action machine works the same way and that’s why it’s also known as Orbital Polishing Machine.machine-polishers

Benefits of using Dual Action Car Polisher:

Besides the fact that huge number of car owners and service station workers are using Dual Action Polishers, there are also many other benefits and advantages of using it. First of all, when you use a rotary machine, there is always chance that it will damage the paint somehow and if you put too much pressure on a point, it creates a swirl or hologram mark. With DA machine, this problem is eliminated because it oscillates and if high pressure is applied, it immediately stops oscillation which ultimately protects the paint. Another important benefit of DA Machine is that it gets the job done in short period of time and even if you only compare it with rotary machine, there is still big difference.

Tips for using Dual Action Car Polisher:

  • Before applying any wax or polish on the car paint surface, make sure that it’s clean and dirt and moisture free. If you are using hand puck to polish the surface, dealing with moisture is easier but when a machine is in operation, it will be already too late before you will realize that it’s sticking to the surface because of dampness.
  • If you are going to use the polish pad for the first time, it’s safer to use it directly but if you have used it before, make sure it’s clean because dried wax or polish can cause swirls if used with fresh wax on the paint surface.
  • Before you apply the wax or polish on the paint surface, carefully read the box or packaging of the wax and understand the instructions. This includes the speed, number of RPM and duration to keep the machine running on the surface.
  • Apply small amount of polish or wax on the machine pad and start your work from one side of the surface.
  • Whether it’s a small portion or a big surface, there should be a specific pattern of moving the machine on it. This includes starting from the top of the surface and moving the machine from left to right side and going to the bottom of the surface this way.
  • Once reached bottom, start the movement from right side and this time, move the machine from bottom to top and reach left side corner.


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