Interior Cleaners vs. Protectants – Which One to Choose

Basics of Interior Cleaners and Protectant:

What most people don’t understand about cleaning products is that if a product is supposed to clean, NonsenseSuperCleaner5457it doesn’t provide protection to the surface unless it’s designed for this specific purpose. In the same manner, if you use a Protectant, it won’t clean the surface and wipe off the debris but it will just bring out the shine of the surface. The best thing to do for your car interior is that you use proper products. If you want to clean the interior, you use a cleaner and when you want to add protective layer, you use premium quality Protectant. This means that it’s not a question about which product to choose for taking care of your car exterior but it’s the question of in what manner to use them. A proper method would be to start with good quality cleaner followed by premium quality polisher and protectant at the end. The cleaner will make sure that all the stains, odors and smells are removed from the interior surface where the polisher will restore or bring out the shine of the surface. The reason for adding protectant to the surface is to make sure that the shine and cleanliness of the surface remains there for a longer time and the surface is resistive to the dust and air contamination.

When to use Interior Cleaner?

As it’s obvious from the name that a cleaner is used to clean the surface and remove the stains, oil marks and annoying odors from the interior surface. The problem with cleaning interior is that most of the time, you can’t remove the upholstery or roof top and somehow you have to manage the cleaning while keeping the surface inside the car. If the cleaner is not strong, it won’t have any effects and you will waste your time where on the other hand, if it’s too strong or not compatible with the type of the surface, it might damage it permanently i.e. using chrome cleaner for plastic instrument panel or pouring leather cleaner on carpets etc. It’s important that before you apply any cleaner on the surface, you read the instructions and compatibility of the product.

When to use Interior Protectant?interior_3

So you have used the cleaner on the interior surface and now it all looks very shiny and new but keep in mind that with regular use, the shine won’t last for long unless you do something about it. Rather than spending every weekend cleaning the interior of your car, its better if you use a good quality protectant so the clean surface is protected against the potential stains, smells and dust in the air. Protectant adds an external layer on the surface making it somehow resistive to the air contamination so the dust and oil won’t stick to it. Even if you still find some dust on the surface, with protectant, it’s easier to remove it with mild cleaning and rubbing. It depends if you want to use interior protectant for the interior surfaces but leather is only thing that won’t survive long without a proper protectant.

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