Leather Cleaners Vs. Leather Conditioners – Which One to Choose

Taking care of Leather Upholstery with suitable products:

Taking care of the leather upholstery in your car is very important and even if you are sure that you great care of the leather, it’s possible that you are either over doing it or not doing it right at all. Over doing is when you clean and condition the leather too often. This can potentially damage the leather exterior and make it vulnerable to seasoning where on the other hand; not doing it right means you are either not using the right products or not adopting the right method. The proper method for taking care of leather upholstery includes cleaning it with Leather Cleaner, polishing it with premium quality leather polish and then using leather conditioner at the end that gives protection to the leather surface.Leather-Seat-Cover

When to use Leather Cleaners?

So you have a car with leather upholstery and you want to make sure that the leather keep looking new and shiny but eventually it starts to look old. This is what happens to the leather after use and even if there are still some ways to slow down the age of the leather, it will happen someday that you will need to change the upholstery because it’s not useable anymore. Till that time, it’s your duty to take care of the leather with appropriate products and cleaners. On the top of this list, comes the Leather Cleaner. If you want to remove stains, marks, odd smells and debris from the leather, no ordinary cleaner will do the job and it’s also possible that common cleaner will ruin the leather surface. That is why it’s important that depending on the type of leather, you use suitable cleaner that doesn’t damage the surface. After use of leather cleaner or polisher, use of leather conditioner is very important. This conditioner is what protects the leather from future damage and keeps it soft so cracks don’t appear on it.

When to use Leather Conditioner?

Treating leather upholstery with cleaner and polisher is important but it’s also vital to add Leather Conditioner to this list. Most people don’t understand the difference in a Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner but there are major differences. As it states, a leather cleaner only cleans the outer part of the leather and removes the stains, grease and oil. On the other hand, a leather pohomepage3lisher is used to bring out the best look of the leather and it really enhances the overall look and feel of the upholstery. Even if you use the leather very rarely, it is possible that with each use, the polished leather will get weaken and it starts to fade. For making sure that the leather doesn’t get hard or stiff with the polisher and cracks, leather conditioner is used. This conditioner actually penetrates into the leather layers and makes it soft from the inside. While making the leather soft, the leather conditioner also protects the shine and gloss of the leather surface and keeps it new and clean for a long time. If you only use leather cleaner, you will observe that you have to clean the upholstery very often because soon after every treatment, it starts to look old and pale and this is what happens when you don’t use leather conditioner.

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