Microfibre Clothes vs. Silk Clothes – Which One to choose

Basic difference between Microfiber and Silk Cloth:

When we speak about cleaning, polishing and waxing a car, we usually discuss only the polish and the wax that will ultimately provide the shine and gloss on gebaeudereinigungstuch_6020096-99                        TB29yVucFXXXXbAXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!303555509         the paint surface. This is true but there is another element in the car cleaning process that we usually ignore is the quality of the cloth or fabric that we use. Using a good quality and compatible cloth for applying polish and wax on the car makes a huge difference. For one thing, polish and wax works better with suitable clothes and the other important factor is the level of effort that you will need to do after wiping with bad quality cloth. If you don’t like to clean the streak and fabric debris after waxing the car, you should choose the type and quality of the fabric wisely. Depending on the product, always go with the recommendation and the cleaning process will become easier for you. Although it mainly depends on what kind of cloth you like or prefer but using a microfiber cloth is always a good idea.

When to use Microfiber Clothes?

Microfibers are in business for quite some time now and let’s face the fact that most people prefer using microfiber cloth over other products i.e. wool towels, cotton, linen or silk swatches. A microfiber cloth might look the same as other clothes but it’s quite different in the formation. If you look at this kind of fiber closely, you will see that it’s made with synthetic and polymer material and the fibers are around 100 times thinner than human hair. Unlike most clothes, microfiber clothes have positive charge which means they attract all negative charges i.e. debris, dirt and grease. Because of the excess amount of fibers in smaller area, the surface area increases which ultimately increases the ability to soak water. Another important factor to consider is that when you use common clothes to clean a car and wipe off the water, there is always some kind of streak left on the surface which requires additional cleaning. With Microfiber Cloth you don’t need to worry about it. This cloth will wipe off all the dirt and debris with great ease and there won’t be any kind of streak or fiber mess left on the surface.

When to use common or Silk Clothes?

Most people prefer using silk clothes for cleaning because it feel soft and luxurious on the hands while cleaning but what they don’t understand is that 25Athis kind of cleaning cloth also has the ability to quickly dry and be ready for another wipe. This is the problem that many people face with cotton clothes and microfiber towels that when you wipe something with them, they get wet quickly and then you have to wait for a little while before they are again dried and ready to be used. With silk cloth, you don’t need to worry about it. A few minutes are enough for a common silk cloth to dry at room temperature. Hand feel is also very good and when you are using the cleaning cloth on regular basis, you might want to use something soft that doesn’t put scratches on your fingers. Overall, when silk clothes are compared with microfiber clothes, microfiber clothes win the battle because they are made with advanced technology and we can see almost all improvements in microfiber cleaning clothes.

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