Solid Air Fresheners vs. Liquid Air Fresheners – Which One to Choose

Choosing between Solid and Liquid Air Freshener:

Most people think that a car air freshener is only used so the car interior will 1305456.largelook fresh and pleasant and even if they serve this primary purpose, there is also a secondary reason for using air fresheners which is to eliminate the unpleasant odors and weird smells that the interior might have. These fresheners are sold in local grocery stores, car service stations and the places where you find accessories for the vehicles. This means it’s very easy to find good quality air freshener for your car interior. The most important element about Car Air Freshener is the smell.

Once you pick a particular smell, it will go a long way and you should keep in mind to try different varieties and smells before making the final decision. It will take some time for you to find the perfect freshener smell for your car but after that, it’s not that complicated. The only big thing left is to decide if you want the freshener in solid form or liquid form. Besides these two, there are other options but we can easily separate them in two forms; either liquid or solid. Both types of fresheners have their perks and drawbacks and if you are making this decision for the first time, you might find it a little complicated. Take a look below and see if any of these options convince you enough to choose them.

When to go with Liquid Air Freshener?

1-Pieces-2015-Round-Glass-Bottle-font-b-Car-b-font-Perfume-Oils-Pendant-font-bWhen it comes to Liquid Air Fresheners, they are available in different varieties and further in different forms and shapes. The most common one is the freshener that comes in spray can form. You just keep it in the glove box and whenever you want, just press on the cap and spray a small amount inside the car. Keep in mind that this type of freshener is very saturated which means just a small press on the bottle will be enough. But, the problem with spray air freshener is that it evaporates or finishes too soon which means you will be spraying too often. There are also auto plug in fresheners available in the market and they also come in liquid form. You just need to fix the freshener bottle on the outlet in your car and it will automatically leave small portions of scent in the air. These fresheners come in small bottles so they are convenient to carry and keep in the car but you can’t just put them anywhere you want as they are fixed on the power outlet.

When to go Solid Air Freshener?

When we talk about Solid Air Freshener, the most common type is the hanging cardboard around the back view mirror. This kind of freshenegel-air-freshener-solid-air-freshener-for-toilet-home-car-ect_1582988r bottle looks just like a small green tree made with cardboard but it’s saturated in the pleasant scent and as soon it comes in contact with the air, it starts to smell good. If you make a small hole on the package, it will be operational for a long time but the scent is very mild. Another common type of solid air freshener is the Vent Stick. It comes from either a scented tree bark or it’s dipped in some fragrance and as soon you put it in front of the air vent, the air goes through it and the entire car starts to smell good.

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