Swirl Marks Removal Vs. Fine Scratches Removal – What is the difference

Basic difference between Swirls and Scratches:

Although the paint on cars these days is much more durable and it can resist most of the damages but it’s still very vulnerable to major defects and damages FGBK657HQDLX9X7.MEDIUMincluding potential scratches and swirls. There are basically three types of damages to a paint surface including swirls, scratches and hologram marks. Swirls are very common type of paint surface damage and it can be caused by simple things including careless washing, wiping off the dirt with dry cloth, polishing with heavy duty machine or having no prior experience in waxing and cleaning. Swirls are usually not very visible unless you see the paint surface in direct sunlight on a specific angle. When you put light on the surface, it looks like a spider’s web.

The good news about swirls is that they only damage the outer protective layer of the paint and it can easily be treated with polish, cutting compound and wax. Scratch marks on the other hand are completely different. These are the marks that are caused by rubbing or scratching something on the surface i.e. keys, wooden stick or something metallic. These marks are usually bigger and visible in the daylight and if the scratch is not too deep, it means it’s a fine scratch and it’s limited to outer protective layer. If the scratch is bigger and deep, it’s not a fine scratch and it will take a little more effort to fill it and remove it. Because the damage is different, different products are required to remove the damage and restore the shine and gloss on the paint surface. For mild swirls and scratches, only polish and wax is enough but for deep scratches, cutting compound is also necessary.

When to use Swirl Marks Removal?

How_to_avoid_swirl_marksAs discussed above, swirls are actually minor scratches that aren’t very visible and they don’t damage the paint surface that bad as compared to hologram marks and deep scratches. This explains that the recovery or treatment of swirls is also different. Sometimes, when the swirls are very minor, you can remove them by washing the car with warm water and good quality shampoo. If that doesn’t work, there are many branded swirl removers that you can find in the auto market and they work very great with almost all kinds of paint surfaces. Waxing the car on regular basis is also a good idea because it doesn’t only remove the swirls but also keeps the paint protected against new marks.

When to use Fine Scratches Removal?

light-scratchesTHUMBScratch removing is completely different as compared to swirl and hologram marks removing. Usually when there is some kind of scratch on the paint surface, it goes very deep in the paint layers and it’s a tough job to fill it and remove it. If the scratch is limited to the protective layer of the paint, it’s going to be a quick process with cutting compound, polisher and wax but when the scratch is very deep and penetrates into the primer, first you will fill it with putty and then the surroundings will be scrubbed with mild abrasive sandpaper. Cutting compound, polish and scratch remover comes after the scratch is almost filled.

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